Chinese Company Stealing Similar Website?

Hey guys. I received this email and responded, then received another one this morning I have also attached letting me know they’re moving forward despite me trying to intercept. Is there anything I can really do to prevent them from doing this other than sneaking in and just buying up those domain names before they do?

1st email submitted through website form:

2nd email:

So did this domain registrar just happen to find you after doing a copyright search?

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The next email will ask for money to have them stop, no doubt.
Assuming you reply to them again.

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We found out we can’t really do anything unless they actually do purchase those domains because of course it’s speculation until then. Then use the UDRP policy created by ICANN to have it disputed as cybersquatting + China equivalents. Same thing happened to IKEA actually some time ago, with the same “.cn” type of stuff happening in China and they fought and went to court over it. Hopefully the strongly worded email my boss sent back to them dropping all these hints of being reported will diffuse the situation. Keep ya posted if I hear anything back, ha.

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