Choice of Software

I am just starting out and reviewing what software to invest it and if I can use anything that is free. I would love everyone’s advice.

what are we looking to do?
for free, Krita is good, works in windows, Linux and mac osx.
there are other free design programs out there like Gimp etc but you get what you pay for.
Adobe Creative Cloud is a monthly package planned towards professional and perhaps the best software.
Corel Draw get the project finished for less money but does not offer the stability as Adobe.
others will type their experiences with the software they like.
as for me, im using CS4 on the macbook air, and free stuff on the Dell XPS but i do not compose print designs anymore.

The serif affinity suite of software is the young pretender wannabe professional tool. It is very good and considerably less expensive than Adobe, but not there yet in terms of its ability. Very good all the same. I use adobe, but bout affinity and have used it a few times to get up to speed on it, ad one day, it may be the giant killer it hopes to be. Worth a look.

It certainly depends on the type of design you want to be doing.
And what you mean by “starting out.”

I am learning online and teaching myself graphic design these are helpful thank you. It is just a hobby at the moment. I found this guide which I found helpful and i thought might help others 9mousai dot com/best-art-software/

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