Choosing a design degree

Hello everyone, I’m currently a student in a graphic design bachelor in France.

I’ve planned to do a different degree after I graduate.
I’ll like to get new competencies into another design field, so I could have more competencies to pursue jobs in a design career and apply to more candidacy.

I wanted to know your opinion on design degrees which are more suitable for the evolution of market for the next years. I’ve read manager and director in art/design fields are requested by companies since the industry needs more creative value.

Since I’ve mostly had been practicing skills, either in traditional art and graphic design, instead of doing group works and gaining management competencies (and young as I am) I’m not sure my application will be considerate by the formations about art/design/advertising director.
I don’t know either the responsibilities it involves and the lifestyle coming along, which I’ll like to know before doing my choice.

Do you know some persons or website I could ask about the evolution of interior design and product design ? These degrees in France and surrounding countries might be easier for me to access to. Depending on the career opportunities and the job offers, I might consider this option.

If you know articles or videos, podcast linked to my question I’ll watch it.

Sorry for my English mistakes, I’m still learning

How much real world experience do you have? You say you are a still a student.
You are not even going to be considered for an art director’s job without years of actual, successful work in the industry.

Interior design and Product design are two very different fields.

If you are interested in a career in Interior Environmental Design (as in branded interior decor, experiential, wayfinding and exhibit work) I can point you at

They have a lot of resources for students interested in the field.

Package design will have to be someone else here.

Thank you for your response @PrintDriver and the link, I’ll look at it.

I’m doing a 1-month internship at a printing studio soon but I don’t have any real world experience further in graphic design field.