Choosing app for my portfolio site

Trying to figure out which program is best to build my graphic design portfolio website. It’s fairly simple in layout with four case studies and an about / contact page.

If possible I’d really like to add a little bit of movement or animation to make it more elegant and slick.

I don’t know how to code so I’m thinking I need something simple. There are so many! How do I choose?

Since you want something that offers nicer effects and no code than it’s prob best to start by looking through the templates Wix and Squarespace have to offer. Once you see a layout with the effects you’re looking for then sign up, give them your cc, select the template and place in your work, words, and website colors.

This isn’t to say that other portfolio builders won’t have good templates too. I’m just more familiar with those two and know they have nice ones and a good variety.

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Maybe there are some interesting themes for Wordpress, most likely they are all paid ones.

But since your site is simple, and if you have some free time, learning and implementing some animations with jquery or pure javascript can be pretty satisfying (and it gives you full control over effects).


Try sparkleapp for bespoke layouts (they have templates too if you want), where you gave almost complete, transparent control over layouts.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m terrible at coding. I have nothing but respect for those that can

If it’s not too late, I should be able to help you make your portfolio site.

I can show you step by step how to do what you need or I can do it for you if you are not interested in learning this craft :D.

Ask here all you want to know or feel free to DM me if you prefer so.

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