Choosing between iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB and 512GB fo

Hi all,

I’m a visual communication student and am looking to buy an iPad Pro 12.9" 2020. I’m leaning towards the 256 since the 512 is too expensive for me but I want to make I won’t be bummed from running out of storage all the time with 256.

I currently(on my PC) work on illustrator, ps, after effects etc, doing simple projects and would like to work alongside my PC with the iPad for some stuff and just on the iPad for other stuff using procreate and other graphic design and animation apps. of course, hopefully I will go on to wokring on more complex things as time goes by(both for school and work) but I really don’t know where it will lead and how big the projects will be atm.

I intend to get a cloud subscription for the ipad anyway for extra storage and for sharing project with me PC.

Will 256 get filled up quickly and be a workflow hindrance or will it be ok if I use it strictly for design and animation and send old projects to the cloud?

thx in advance for any help.

First of all I can’t recommend an iPad for any kind or Adobe professional work. Sure it’s great for things like Procreate and some of the more simplified online apps for drawing and animating but for serious design work, it is seriously underpowered and not all that compatible. Using an iPad while on-site or meeting with a client, sure, but only in conjunction with something a little more powerful back home.

That said, if you can swing it, go for the 512, especially if you plan to use the Adobe apps. I have a 256 laptop and often lament the lack of scratch space available. For the stuff I do, I need minimum 150 gigs free, so I do a lot of dropbox and outboard storage. Cloud is only as good as your internet connection speed, and I gotta say in the past year, I’ve wasted more time online waiting for dropbox to synch than I care to acknowledge. You can’t keep all your cloud stuff synched, you won’t have enough drive space (I have over 4 terabytes of active graphics projects going right now!) but with a 512, at least you have more room to manage it.

Side note: Yah, I’ve explored drive options for local storage. There’s a major flaw with dropbox if that drive ever gets disconnected while active. One that would require shutting the whole company down and reloading a backup. Not saying I’m that stupid, but dumber things have happened, LOL.

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