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I have a question about proofing ads or platforms that I can use with clients to show artwork proofs to and receive their revision requests and ultimately, approval. Here are my specific needs. I am starting a small company that will publish a monthly coupon book. I will sell coupon ads to businesses and make the book available to the public on a monthly basis. I have a remote freelance graphic artist who will design all the coupon ads and layout the book for printing each month. Each time I sell an ad, I will send a spec sheet to him to design the customers ad. He will design the ad and then send it to the customer for approval or requested revisions.

I need a platform that will allow him to send a proof to the customer for their review, revision requests and then approval. This platform needs to be very easy for the customer to use. I do not have anyone else in the chain that has to see the artwork except for the graphic artist, the customer and, of course, I would like to be able to monitor the progress of any project at any point. I expect there to be about 50 coupon ads per month, and I would guess that the average number of revisions per ad may be around 3.

Can anyone recommend a proofing platform that would need my needs?

I’m assuming you’ve done a Google search for proofing platform.

Doing so returns several options. Each has its pros, cons, limitations, features, and users who like or dislike it. It’s not really possible to say which, if any, you would like or dislike. Most have free trials to experiment with.

At my old job, we were using GoVisually for awhile, but for our particular situation, it was more hassle and locked us into a workflow that sometimes got more cumbersome than simply sending PDFs. However, it was easy to use. Even so, some recipients still just couldn’t wrap their heads around using it and making comments with it, or for that matter, what the whole purpose and point of a proof even was. Your situation, I suspect, it entirely different.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I have googled proofing apps, software, etc and there are a lot o returns. However, most seem to be geared to internal teams and are a bit pricey. GoVisually is priced good and it sounds to fit my needs. I am going to do a free trial to see. Also all of the platforms offer a free trial, however, I need a platform fast and I didn’t want to have to sign up to a lot of free trials. So, I am hoping to shortcut this.

Set up a separate email to deal with all your new email proofing traffic, then ask the artist to send out client proofs using the Share button built into Acrobat DC, and to cc you.

The customer is using the existing Acrobat commenting and mark up tools, and each of the comments is time stamped. If your artist is already an Adobe subscriber, there is no additional software cost.

We just email proofs to our clients. They email back with amends. Rinse and repeat until you get a happy client.

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