Clients to avoid

We all know to avoid micromanagers and those a quick background check reveals as deadbeats.

However, this past week, I’ve gotten two inquiries from another category I avoid like the plague — the wheeler, dealer, slick-talker types who typically leave the top four buttons of their slightly shiny shirts undone. More often than not, they’ve styled their hair into unnaturally voluminous shapes with copious amounts of styling gel and hairspray. When a gold chain shows through the gap caused by the open buttons, it’s a sure sign of trouble.

The next big thing is always on the horizon, names are dropped as well as casual mentions of their social media followers and growing fan base. As often as not, a quick Google search turns up poorly made YouTube videos where equally off-putting guys are supposedly interviewing them. If they have a website, it’s typically sketchy, with photos of beautiful women and references to celebrities, expensive cars, and exotic locations.

They’re not quite con men since I get the feeling they genuinely believe they are on the verge of fame and riches. Unfortunately, they never seem to have anything concrete in mind, and they’re never ready to commit to any projects that involve paying you. Instead, they’re simply a waste of one’s time.

Why I got two separate inquiries this past week from people fitting the description above, I don’t know. I suppose it’s just coincidence — similar to the oddly polite white supremacists who sometimes contact me about helping them design camouflage for their confederate flag-decorated tactical gear.


I know the type well LOL … just go to any bar in Upstate NY. There is always one. They don’t usually come in pairs because you know … competition for the Foxy Ladies.


I left the bar scene decades ago … but I have a sneaking suspicion they didn’t :stuck_out_tongue: