Code training web/app resources

As mentioned in other previous threads, when it comes to coding, graphic designers should be familiar with CSS, HTML and Javascript because these three programming languages are behind most web content.

So here are my suggestions for learning/training needed in web design process…

Will be nice if someone add some tips how we can consolidate our knowledge or point the fastest way to learn for the begginers, especially for JScript /since is a little bit complicated/. And exept working on projects, of course. } these are tested ; :+1:

— PS / this may need to go to graphic design resources section, but is for webdes, so idn / —

This epic book I bought for my friend’s daughter who I swear is a code addict at the ripe old age of 7.

Brilliantly written captivating flow right up to the point (and slightly beyond) advanced JS to the point of scripting a couple of games!

Nice, thanks. My niece is just starting to be advanced computer user, i have an excuse for buying it. Win - win situation. Also thumbs up for pointing me to that publisher and their interesting catalogue.

I am just starting with web design and these look like great places to start thanks for the resources!

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