Coke Tests Sleek Cans in China

Coca-Cola China is celebrating that nation’s unique local markets with a series of 23 limited-edition “sleek cans” that feature the people of China. Illustrator Noma Bar incorporates iconic cultural elements of each city to express the personality of its people, as mixed with Coca-Cola iconography. Explains Steve Llewelyn, design lead, Coca-Cola Greater China & Korea: “Digging deep into each city’s culture, we were able to capture the essence of each one: its culture, its food, its idiosyncrasies as well as its landmarks.


We personified these on each can through a seamless blend so that each city becomes a face, each one unique and surprising.” The campaign also includes a film, print, billboards and a partnership with internet giant Baidu, and an augmented reality experience that allows consumers to interact with each of the 23 city cans.


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Is this suggesting that the new “sleek cans” are what is being “tested” or just the limited edition graphics? Because I thought the sleek cans had already debuted in the US. They are already available in Europe. Here is one I just bought out of a vending machine this morning. IMG_20180503_142746

Do those new sleek cans happen to hold a few less ounces than the short fat ones?
Just curious. Seems to be a trend. Five pound bags of sugar or flour now are 4lbs for same price. A “pound” of coffee is 12 oz. Same with…horrors…bacon!

I haven’t noticed them in the stores, but I picked up a variety of them as freebies at a promotion going on at the Sundance Film Festival a couple of months ago. They were 12-oz cans — just skinny and taller with a variety of unusual flavors added to the cola. At the time, I really wondered about their viability given that they wouldn’t fit in a vending machine.

I saw a billboard advertising them two or three weeks back, so I’m assuming they’re probably in some stores in the U.S.

I bet the stores are loving having to re-jig their store shelves for off size cans. That vertical real estate is expensive.

I am seeing them in the type of vending machines that have the spiral screw with the glass see through face. Refrigerated ones of course, like the ones that have bottles of water, orange juice etc.

The dimensions of these cans are basically the same a many of the energy drinks. Its been a year since I was back home in Arizona and I can’t recall if the energy drinks in the States are using them or not, but I think they are very close to if not identical to Red Bull, Monster Energy, Starbucks Iced Coffee and others.

Right, those energy drinks and off brands all have their little sections in the aisle, usually opposite the sodas or at one end or the other. Coca Cola has their own contiguous section of shelf real estate, usually a large one, that has (had) all uniform spacing.

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