Collection of LGBTQ+ Flags

It’s likely you know the rainbow flag, widely used by the LGBT community, but there are many more flags that are used by various communities you may not have seen before. Here is a collection of LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Plus more) flags How do you like the color choices and the designs?

Rainbow Flag
Designer: Gilbert Baker

Transgender Flag
Designer: Monica Helms

Pansexual Flag
Designer: Unknown

Intersex Flag
Designer: Organization Intersex International Australia

Bisexual Flag
Designer: Michael Page

Asexual Flag
Designer: Unknown

Agender Flag
Designer: /Salem X/“Ska”

Non-Binary Flag
Designer: Kye Rowan

Bear Flag
Designer: Craig Byrnes

Leather Pride Flag
Designer: Tony DeBlase

Genderqueer Flag
Designer: Marilyn Roxie

There’s pretty much no way to reply to this thread without appearing phobic in some way, even if you aren’t.

Wasn’t the rainbow flag adopted to represent “everything under the rainbow,” from L to +? Once you start adding flags with nothing more than color palettes on them (which I’m sure represent something to each individual group,) don’t you dilute that message?

Or, I suppose, you could view the other flags as “states” under the “country” of Rainbow.

But I still think, in a battle for recognition as Citizens With Rights, it’s a bad idea to confuse the issue. Even adding all those letters to the descriptive isn’t helping matters.

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I suspect most of these variations are just for fun and won’t really be adopted for much of anything.

I find it interesting that each seems to be an attempt to capture the personality the group it’s meant to represent through association with the emotional quality of chosen colors.

From a purely practical standpoint, some of the colors, like the fluorescent pink, would pose reproduction problems.

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Reproduction issues vary for these flags.
The florescent pink would be an issue if they were made as printed acid dye-sub, unless straight-up magenta is acceptable.
It wouldn’t be an issue if it were made from nylon flag cloth and stitched rather than printed.
Fluorescent fabrics are available (or they were…I’m not seeing so much on a quick check of sun-safe fabrics…) and bar designs are the most economical stitched flags you can get.

Some of the more subtle colors, though, would be hard to find in nylon flag so would be easier to acid dye.

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Non-safe space opinions ahead

It’s likely you know the rainbow flag,

well, yeah… unless you just came out of a 10 year coma or something …

 LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning

What next, an explanation of what a flag is …

Seriously, it would be nice if SJW left nature alone , especially the lovely rainbow.
At at stretch i can see it representing a united nations of different hued people,
But for homosexuality ?
Did gays dislike being associated with pink so much?
An animal paw? is bestiality the next thing to be ‘normalised’…
As regards the colour schemes - they aren’t,
apart from the paw flag, it’s just random colours stuck together,
In short I’d say the whole thread is nothing to do with design, rather just a vehicle to push a political opinion, and probably censor others,:baby_bottle:

No one here is pushing anything in this thread. It’s just about colors on flags and how they seem to be spin-offs from the original rainbow flag. Please don’t turn it into more than that.

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It’s amazing how much people can read into things. There was no agenda. This is the Inspiration forum where new ideas are shared. If that is a problem for anyone … feel free to move on to another area of the forum.

A while ago I did a series of variations on the Union Jack. Here’s the Gay Pride one. I like the idea of recolouring an existing flag to make a statement about the cultural significance of flags and how society can change. I also understand that this would be against the law in many countries, which makes this kind of thing even more significant.

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The rainbow is far more inclusive than the color pink. Pink is way too stereotypical. I have a couple friends who are gay who would no more identify with pink than any other guy out there would.
Since their fight for recognition as citizens is all about stereotypes, I’m not sure why it keeps getting reinforced in this way.

I agree about the rainbow - more inclusive and for me has always stood for the whole range of gender identities.

Pink is used in Europe as an acknowledgement of the pink triangle that gays were made to wear by the nazis, but the rainbow flag is more popular now.

All the more reason to ditch the pink. I get wanting to acknowledge those caught up in that horror but seems to me that adopting the stereotype literally pinned on them by their enemies is not a forward moving strategy. Especially when there are so many of those enemies out there still wishing for history to repeat itself.

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Seems to be an attempt to take back and own the connection in a way that the word queer has been adopted and turned from a pejorative into a preferred term some gay people use. Or maybe similar to the word Yankee — which was supposedly once a British insult for American colonist before it was adopted by the colonists themselves as a self-identifier. Or even closer to home here in Utah, where the once mocking term Mormon has become the commonly used term that even members of the church itself use.

But if I use that term, it’s a hate crime…
I dunno. People are just people to me, all equal under the mantra of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” Live and let live. (shrug.)

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