Color Communucation - Project BBCG

Project BBCG, or “A Better Brand Color Guide”

I found this in a discussion* about PANTONE’s new pay-to-play business model and thought it was interesting, and a good resource for a lot of basic, practical color theory.

The short of it: PANTONE/CMYK/RGB/Hex aren’t really a very good way to define brand colors. A lot of “intro to color science” followed by some examples of why this new approach may be better in the long run.

*on, a sort of forum about color/photoshop/etc setup and run by Dan Margulis, a photoshop Lab color correction expert of some renown who recently re-translated and re-published M.E. Chevreul’s work “On the Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors

Thanks for posting this. I glanced at it and am looking forward to reading it more thoroughly.