Color Expert / Color Counsel

Does anyone know, or know of, a color expert / color consultant? This would be someone that deals with color on a full time basis rather than a designer that knows a lot about color.

in what context?
Interior design or rip/production/file prep?

Product design.

Hmmm, I think you might still have to be more specific. Molded plastics, anodized metals, alloys, textiles, composites, painted or polished surfaces, etc, all pose material-specific coloring challenges and limitations.

Well, there’s Latrice Eiseman, the color expert who works with Pantone and has authored of several books on color. @Creativeboost, here on the forum, recorded a podcast interviewing her.

I have no idea what you have in mind regarding color, however, or whether or not she’s even open for consultations.

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I’ve been a bit vague on purpose. I’ll send you both a DM with more details.

She talks about being hired to consult for product design in the podcast.

Her name was passed on.

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