Color Game


Holy crap that test was HARD. I got 7.5.

Reaaaly hard!! My hand cramped up a bunch of times! I got 8.0.

Exhausting! I’m embarrassed. I got a 6.3.

I got 8.9

Hue 10
Saturation 9
Complimentary 10
Analogous 8
Triadic 9
Tetradic 8

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I gotta look at that closer. I have maybe two brain synapses firing today. Gonna be a long day.

I got 8.2, but sometimes I panic clicked! :smiley: Great game.

7.5 With distractions

5.5 for one lidl boye :joy:

Didn’t make it all the way through, but the problem I had wasn’t in matching up the colors — it was in finding the right place to click in the allotted time.

I got an 8.0, that Triadic was the death of me! :weary:

Here’s another one.

My result:

You scored 9 out of 10
Well done! You scored higher than 98% of people who played this game!


What percentile is 10/10?

I didn’t notice the first time so I did the test again;

How does it feel to be in the 1%?

I only got 6/10. I wonder if it’s partly because I’ve been working outside of print for a few years? I swear my colour recognition was bang on when I was working in pre-press.

More to the point - how affected by your monitor is a test like this? With an old screen, perhaps not well calibrated, the test would be more difficult. It is not a level playing field.

You don’t even want to know my score lol … I’m livin’ large on the TV screen and they all look pretty much the same. The difference are so slight, these old eyes and big screen just can’t pick them up.

My eyes are hurting :joy:
i scored 5.3

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