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I’m designing a logo for an online learning photography school that’s called “shoot me” The brief said that their target audience is women, and they wanted a logo with a sense of fame and freshness. I thought about using yellow and purple or purple, green, and yellow. Do you think these color palettes fit the brief?

It depends of the composition and content. For instance, a yellow flower looks ‘healthy’ and ‘fresh’, whereas a yellow human face looks “sick” (not in a good way).

Yeah, I was debating weather or not that would be a great idea. I was also playing around just using purples.

I’m not seeing how a company called “Shoot Me” is going to appeal to women, let alone finding a color scheme to work with that.


Ok, because I wasn’t sure if the name was strong enough, so I’m going to change it to just “focus or get in focus”

Do you have any suggesting I can have when it comes to braining storming names?

I might tend to use pastels of analogous or tertiary colors rather than those directly across the color wheel from each other. Probably more important than the colors themselves are the shades and tints of those colors, how they’re used and the emotional tone they convey when integrated into the logo.

In a real-life situation, I wouldn’t be thinking just about the logo, but how that logo complemented or helped improve the larger brand of the online school, but that’s another subject.

Pastels are appealing and ever popular. I could see a deep purple alongside a pastel green of sorts. However, to back up Praxis’ comment, why don’t you put together some rough ideas.

Keep it to no more than two colors.

I’m having trouble coming up with good ideas

For the name so, far I came up with golden goddess photography, and the other one Theia photography after the Titan goddess who is the goddess of light, since the target audience is women

How is it you are able to change the name so arbitrarily? Usually there is quite a bit of thought that goes into the brand identity before the logo is even conceived. You don’t make a logo and come up with a name, nor do you attempt to create a brand without first establishing exactly what the company is all about. Do they even have a business plan?
Or is this a student project?

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This is a student project, because I have nothing in my portfolio so I figured I design"fake client" project. I’m still coming up with more and better names as well logo concepts

That being the case, I’m moving your posts to the student section. You’ll get responses there that are more appropriate to your level of experience.

Oh, ok I apologize I didn’t realize there was one just for students.

No need to apologize. It’s totally fine. :grinning:

It’s just that when students post in the non-student forums, the comments regarding their work and the advice given are often made with the assumption that the student in a working professional rather than someone still learning the basics.

oh, ok I’m sure you could tell I’m new here.

Why not make it easy on yourself then and conceive a business (or whatever) with an identity that’s easy to design for, like something that combines two elements, and you can choose whatever elements that you like. For example, castle cup coffee. Pretty easy to visually combine the shapes of a castle and a cup, right? Might even work in the three C’s somehow, but that would probably be diluting the impression.

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Ok, I might try that because I finishing up my last year of community college, and my classes only briefly discussed brand identity, so there’s a lot I don’t know about yet, until I transfer to another school.

PrintDriver—You post great answers to original questions on this forum for the most part, and I find myself giving you a lot of “Likes.” That being said, I often wonder how you have so much time to post so many replies and still get your own job(s) done? Are you an old retired graphic design geezer like me? LOL :grinning:

Speed typing.

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