Color Matching Oranges

Anyone have suggestions for unusual but awesome orange reproduction in cmyk? (not spot) When running on an Indigo we boost the orange with the extra 5th channel. We use the CMYK equivalent of Hexachrome Orange: 0-69-100-0 as a general “brightest”. I can also get a really rich orange with: 2 - 75 - 100 - 0 that I like.

Mimaki makes a wide format printer that actually has orange ink as one of the pots.
Other than that, not so much.

Good point. We do labels, so the equivalent for us is the HP Indigo. It has an orange channel and a purple channel.

I’m looking because we are trying to match color as much as possible. Hexachrome Orange roughy breaks down to 0-69-100-0. So that’s a good starting point, but the washout from any chemical mix orange to cmyk is massive without that extra channel. So I like to bump up the magenta a little bit and even add a touch of cyan to deepen the hue.

Just seeing if anyone else knows any tricks.

Orange, like some of the blues and reds, it all depends on the media we are using.
But wide format is weird anyway.
Most of the dye sub does really nice oranges and blues, with the reds not too shabby and it’ll come closest to some of the more neon Pantones than any other media.

The whole trick for the stuff I do is backing off the cyan because most of the media subtrates like to shift orange mixes to the green side.

Charting is still done too. There’s an excellent old plugin for InDesign that gives you step increments in CMYK values and prints out blocks (pages and pages of them if you aren’t very careful with your parameters) all nicely labeled with their CMYK values. It was called Swatch Maker 2 by Scott Zanelli. Not sure if it’s still available but he is still an active developer. I keep an old copy of CS6 on the computer to run it. Even though it was made for CS2, it still works.

THAT is going to help me right now. Awesome man! I don’t want to badmouth any company but we have a press manufacturer who just admitted their Cyan is actual Process blue - 7 Delta’s off PMS Cyan.

What do you do if your machine uses process blue as it’s Cyan channel?

Not sure what the question is. If it’s an issue, it should have shown up in trial prints done before purchase of the machine. A simple test print would have shown a 7 ∆e difference.
Hope the OEM ink manufacturer never goes out of business?
Just ignore it as long as the profiling works?
Not sure why using a Process Blue would be any different from machines that add an extra pot for Orange, Green, or Violet ink. The profiles used on those machines are very different from the ones used on CMYK(cm) machines too.

The purchase was made without proper investigation. So I’m stuck figuring it out lol. Basically I’m just trying to figure out what we can and can’t do with the machine.