Color Palettes

Hi all. I am new to this forum and look forward to sharing and learning.

Here’s my question. How do you save color palettes? Do you just use Photoshop swatch sets or do you like to save swatches in another document? Looking for suggestions.

I do work for various stores each with their own colors.


Hi Derby,
Welcome to the forum!

I would save ASE files for loading for use on other documents. Here’s a nice overview about ASE files.

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Hmmm…in my workflows, Photoshop swatches would be of little use for client-specific colors. Typically corporate colors take up swatch positions in Illustrator-based logo files, or InDesign layouts. Both those apps have save/load swatches features, as well as templating capabilities that work well for sharing colors among a client’s body of work.

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What HB said. Most of my palettes are spot swatch colors. They live in the Adobewares and readily load when I want them.

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