Color replacement tool won't work right

Hi everyone!
I am trying to replace a color using the color replacement tool. I’m using a dark blue color swatch and it is coming out light blue. If I switch the color to red, it comes out pink. I replaced my preference back to normal but it still is not giving me a true color. Can someone please help me?

Thank you!!

For example, I am trying to change the little girl’s shirt to match the one next to her. It comes out a neon-ish color instead of the true maroon color.

when that happened to me using photoshop last year on a macbook air 2010 i rebooted the mac, open PS the realized i was trying to pick a cymx color to a rgb image.
that is the best i can do to help.

Thank you. I will check and see if I am doing that as well! How do I insure that I am using the rbg color versus cmyk? I’m picking colors from the same image.

image> color profiles
but i see you are using RGB so disregard that.
there is a slight chance that stock photo has a protection “thingee”
i would copy a part of the open in a new image then see if the color picker will work

You can get most of the way there by adjusting the sliders in the Hue/Saturation panel. Notice the piece of the girl’s shirt I selected from your image and adjusted to, more or less, match that of the girl’s shirt next to her. Nothing was done other than using the lasso tool with anti-alias selected and, then, adjusting the sliders.

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Just B has it right. Over time, Adobe has installed “dumb” features in most of their apps in order to broaden market potential, attracting amateurs who’ll buy in to the appeal of “magical” editing endeavors without having to learn any of the science. The so-called color replacement tool is a good example of this; it’s just not a pro tool and doesn’t offer true control. Selective masking on an HSB Adjustment Layer is the pro method for what you’re attempting.


I’d second and third HotButton’s and Just-B’s comments. In addition to what they pointed out, using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and mask is a non-destructive method of editing. I believe the color replacement tool is destructive.

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Thank you!!! That worked!!! :grinning:

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