I recently gotten into graphic designing, trying out things here and there. I have no drawing prowess whatsoever, but I totally know is not an excuse in today’s age, just wanted to put it out there.

So, I’m having a really (I MEAN REALLY) hard time with colors. I don’t know what compliments with what. Are there any general rules, specific rules, or even absolute rules, if there are, in terms of color? I know I think this question is a little too broad, but I’ll be grateful for every information you can give me!

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Colours are hard bro - would recomend exercising some restraint and using as few as possible (new people have a tendancy to go overboard with colours).

If I were in your shoes, I would just find another design which you like (maybe on dribble or behance) and just copy the colours.

Or you could go here:

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Here is a VERY basic overview of color theory.
The Color Wheel can be your friend when first learning.

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Wow, Color Hunt is hella useful! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!

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Another resource:

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ColorHunt is a source of inspiration.
If you don’t know the theory behind your color choices though that website isn’t going to help you. There are psychological and visual reasons why certain colors are used in combination and each combination is specific to the message you are trying to get across. Do you use calming pastels that are analogous, or do you use complimentary colors to create maybe a more tense mood?
Here’re some more basics

You know, I’m probably something of a heretic when it comes to color theory. I even argued with my college professors about it.

Knowing where colors fall on the color wheel and giving names to their relative positions and that sort of thing is important and interesting to better understand what’s going on, but for me, it’s useless information when selecting colors for a layout.

A quarterback doesn’t use a calculator before throwing a pass. An author doesn’t chose words by diagramming sentences. A songwriter doesn’t base decisions on a formal analysis of the mathematics. Comedians don’t reference a theory of comedy before telling a joke.

The physics of a pass or the structure of a joke are all determined through intuition and experience, which is how I decide which colors to use.

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Yes, but somewhere in the back of your thought process is that color theory. If the newbs rely on the color palette things, they’re just picking pretty colors with no real concept as to why they work and what might work better.

Yeah we had a bunch of lively discussions in color class, among others, but that was the whole idea, wasn’t it?

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You guys had color class? I dont think i learned about color at all. (We briefly touched on a color wheel, hue, tint, vibrating colors)

I am glad to know that everyone over here has suggested you to learn about color theory. Yes! Yes! you just can’t put blunt, light, vibrant colors all at the same time without having any vision in your mind. First, learn about color theory. Well I think that udemy is providing the best course and insights about the fundamentals of graphic. they have a specified set of classes for Colo Theory And Application. I would suggest you have a look into that course if you truly have no artistic instincts.

As mentioned above by almost everyone, you should go with the color theory and they try and experiment it yourself and then collect your audience feedback on whether they like it or not. I believe that everyone has a unique vision and when it comes to painting that vision one should not shy away from it.

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