Colour preference and gender

Found this and thought it was pretty insightful:



Cod Science. “The following was taken from a study done in 2003 by Joe Hallock, which compared color preferences amoung various demographics. Hallock polled 232 people from 22 countries around the world.”

You can’t draw meaningful conclusions from a sample size that small.


I’m tending to agree with StudioMonkey on this.

Although there are some stereotypical differences between the sexes in regards to color preferences, I’m not at all sure about their extent or the reasons behind them. Teasing apart inherent differences from cultural differences and preferences that stem mainly from gender roles in a particular culture is difficult.

I looked up the study this PDF infographic was based upon. It was an undergraduate thesis project apparently done through a voluntary online survey. It was a really nice undergraduate project that brought to light some interesting points and raised some interesting questions, but it wasn’t a good scientific study.

The methodology wasn’t good, the sample size was limited and skewed, the respondents were self-selected and the whole thing — questions and conclusions — was the work of an undergraduate college student with no obvious experience in conducting a rigorous research study that yielded statistically reliable results.

The results are interesting, but I’d take them with a huge grain of salt.

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I prefer brights to pastels :wink:

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As soon as I read it, it smacked of pseudo-science and more than a teeny bit gender stereotyped. The eternal problem with the internet; spurious, or incomplete facts taken as definitive.


I prefer green.

only real men can pull off pink ! :wink:

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