Colour problem

I’ve created a logo using Affinity designer on iPad. I’m showing the client the designs by screen sharing using zoom but when I send her mockups she is seeing a different colour from what she sees in zoom. I’ve tried viewing pdfs, jpgs and png files on various screens in different software and I’m seeing the same colour with slight variations as you would expect. When I show her the pdfs on my iPad using zoom she sees the same colour as when I show her Affinity on my iPad. She really wants the colour she sees on zoom. I’m using a Pantone and have all the details for that Pantone. This is the first logo I’ve designed using Affinity for iPad so I don’t know how close the Pantones match to print. The colour reproduction I’ve had for other types of artwork has been very good. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to see what the client is seeing and give them a closer colour match? Should I just ask her to go on the Pantone website and pick a similar colour and try it out on different screens? At the moment I don’t know if what she is seeing a slight variation within the expected range of difference or a major change.

The whole point of an ink-based matching system like Pantone spot colors is the control, predictability, and repeatability of printed color. If color is critical to the project and the client, the client should really have or obtain use of a Pantone swatch book for the purpose of judging and specifying color.

On screen(s), there will always be variation.

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Agree totally. I get that about print vs digital but I still think it’s a bit weird that when she looks at the pdf I’ve emailed she sees a different colour on her screen from when she looks at me showing her the same pdf via zoom on the same screen. She’s looking at the same file on the same screen except that the colour is different in zoom.

No, she’s not. Your zoom-shared screen — on her screen — is exactly the kind of second generation rendering that will cause colors to shift and drift.

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