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I have a question/problem I would like help with… When I create a logo in Ai and pick the exact colours that I like- for some reason after exporting that logo as an pdf from Indesign the colours get sligthly colder and not so nice… I have chosen “only web colours” when picking out the colours. I use the colours from the logo for backgrounds and such on the webpage and in the pdf and I am very disturbed that the pdf looks so “cold” compared to the warm, happy colours of the original logo… What am I doing wrong?

What PDF settings did you use?

Looks like they are being used in a CMYK document, with the photo in the background. Some ‘Web only’ colours are brighter then can be achieved with printing inks.

I’d say that did fairly well, converting RGB web colors to CMYK. You should feel lucky it looks that good on the monitor.
What it’s going to look like in print though? Might be even worse than what you see here. Have you tried a print on your desktop inkjet? (laser no good, but an inkjet on a photo paper might give you a hint.)

Be sure to get a proof!

With a 9-color logo, even if you had Pantone callouts in there, it would, most likely, still be run CMYK and the outcome of that will depend on output process and media.

Be sure to get a proof.

Did I say, get a proof?

I’m not quite sure what you’re doing. Are you converting RGB to CMYK? If so, you can expect to see color changes since the CMYK gamut is smaller. Also, as @Smurf2 said, what PDF settings are you using? If you incorporate profiles into the PDF, for example, the look of the colors can change. Any number of problems could account for the slight color shift you’re seeing, and without knowing more about how you’ve arrived at this problem, I can’t give you any definitive answers.

What do you mean by web colors? Are you referring to the anachronistic old web-safe colors? Or are you referring to the hex colors that have spelled-out names for CSS?

Perhaps you have a good reason, but why are you using “web colors” in a PDF? If this is for print, web colors mean nothing. Even in CSS, they mean very little now that browsers support tens of thousands of colors rather than just the old web-safe colors, and most everyone has gotten used to specifying colors for the web in hexidecimal.

make sure the color mode is the same as its while working and while exporting

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