Come across BIKABLO for the first time!

I have recently found a new design style (or technique) called “Bikablo”. I am very interested in learning it. But I am unable to find any books for it on amazon/flipkart. I would like to know what is the alternative of Bikablo style. What is the name of this type of design. It seems like hand drawn figures, is there any book available online for this type of designs?

Image attached:

From what I can see, it is not a visual style. It is a system of visual thinking using cartoon-type illustration.

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Gee, I’m sure you can join the acadamy with the made up silly name and and pay money to learn to quick sketch “hand drawn visual thinking…” In school we just called it “sketching out ideas.” Almost 30 years ago now. (I didn’t click on the link. Maybe it’s free - shrug)

This isn’t a new ‘design style.’

Probably the idea of using a marker on paper is new again?

Sorry if I’m not impressed or helpful. Grab a sketchbook and a felt marker and have at it. If you get a felt marker that is water soluble, a bit of quick brushwork gives you the grays. Or get two markers.


Feeling this is a plug for this type of ‘thinking’ and to generate internet searches to popularise it. Looking forward to seeing the same post on many forums.

On a quick look - non-Google search - I found plenty of ‘courses’.
If that’s the case I’m going to start up a school for writing with a pen and call it Scribbley-Do - how to create written letters without using a computer! Sign up now and receive 50% off a €1000 BIC Blue Pen!


A quick Google search should tell you everything there is to know about it. It’s somebody’s idea for drawing cartoons and boxes to represent ideas and processes. The main use seems to be for time-wasting managers to draw flip charts/pads in those interminable group brainstorming meetings that I’ve always abhorred.

I wouldn’t refer to it as a design style or, for that matter, having anything to do with design.


Agreed, and also for the main website (which shall not be linked here) to sell online “training” and useless merchandise at ridiculous prices.

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Again (and as usual) Just-B hits another one out of the park! — Bravo!
As for me, it’s just another non-artist trying to make something out of nothing. Yet another version of the classic tale of the Emporer’s New Clothes (paying gold for nothing!)

I completely agree with you all. I thought it is something I should learn to enhance my designing skills. But later, upon more research I found out that it is useful for those people who are interested in doing notesketching or something like doodling during the brainstorming session in a business meeting. People who want to convey their ideas through images, Bikablo is for them. It uses some simple arcs/symbols, to make icons/images/figures quickly. So basically, I am not into that. I have instead ordered a book for myself, “The Art of notesketching”, which I think is worth read.