Comment about the color of my website

Please comment on the color of my website
Is it okay?
this is my website url:


Hi javad00
Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

There are 3 different sections to your website that are segmented by color palette. I like the 1st and the 2nd sections, but the 3rd section is a bit harsh and jarring compared to the other 2. Maybe try a color tool like Adobe color.

Thank’s for your answer.

Hello Javad00,

I would have loved to give a more in depth analysis, but I couldn’t understand what the site was about. I was unable to translate to English.

Perhaps you could help me understand?

Hello Oluchi
My site is about site design and sale of WordPress and Joomlast sites.
For example, below link is my store websites:

Hello Javad00,
The color combination of your website is good but few things what i will recommend for you is
1 . Choose a high quality image that doesn’t have too many colors
2. Use contrasting Color
3. Contrasting colors naturally attract attention, and when used correctly, can actually draw your eye to where you want it to go

The colors you use should attract your target audience. For instance, if you want to appeal to businesses, you might use more conservative colors, but to appeal to designers, you might want to use a more “techy” color scheme. Of course, color is only one part of the design, as are typography, types of images you choose, etc. Make sure they make sense for your audience and are cohesive.

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