Common Design Errors - print or otherwise

I thought I’d start a thread off with some common design errors in printing or other scenarios.

I am bolding the terms in which forum readers can look up themselves. It is not to serve as a full tutorial, it would take too long.

A quick and show and tell.


This is a leaflet I received for tracking a parcel.

This is an example of how small white text on a colour background can have bad results due to printing registration issues.

As the type gets smaller, you can see yellow showing in the white area.
This is due to a misregistration in the printing and it looks pretty bad.

To avoid things like this - you should consider utilising these 2 tips:

  1. using a bolder version of your font
  2. add extra tracking to the text.

If in doubt, ask the printers guidance, or for a printed sample.

The misregistration was not considered at design stage. Resulting in a bad print job.

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