Communicating Project Size

Hi folks,
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how best to graphically communicate the size of a multi-year project to a board of directors in a powerpoint presentation?

Would need a lot more info. If you mean scope of work that’s one thing. Prices are another. Actual materials another. Distribution…

What exactly are you trying to communicate?

I’m guessing “graphically communicate” is the key phrase in all this. Is the objective to get them to appreciated how long this process will take and why?

How about a timeline with lots of waypoints indicating which phases of the project will be started and completed. This timeline could intentionally meander on for several slides too many (in a light-hearted way) just to drive home the point of how much is involved and how much time it will take.

That’s what I was thinking too. Maybe imposed over a distribution map where the timeline splits into phases/locations?

Think about using an infographic or a timeline that can illustrate the scope of the work.

I’d go with an ape theme. Pick famous apes to represent different projects ranging from Curious George to King Kong.


…with banana background art. :banana:

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I’m might start with the end product, then zoom out the multiple steps that have to come together to get there. Like a reverse family tree.
Sans apes and bananas
(though you haven’t met my relatives… :dizzy_face:)

And pin a name tag on each that corresponds with one of the board members. :wink:


Thanks folks, appreciate the ideas…I wont be using the apes with name tags! :joy:

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