Hi! I wanted to know some good competitions to take part in. I live in India and I’m not really sure about the kind of competitions that take place here. Or any kind of international competitions. Please help :slight_smile:

What kind of “competitions” are you looking for?

Anything related to graphic design or animation or similar things.

Are you looking to win trophies, or just play around, or looking for academic awards?
Graphic design isn’t so much a competition as it is a service provided to clients. You might win an award here or there. Maybe. If you care to apply for them.

One just for fun.

PS > i just saw that it’s not active maybe… still…

I’m just looking to play around. My teachers always tell me to take part in competitions


Other way is to join some crowdsourced sites for design jobs… they are pretty full of starters, wannabes and more serious designers…

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