Confused about some words. need help please

minimalist, abstract, clean, modern, corporate
I have seen a lot of business cards with these words
please what do these words mean in the business card or even design world generally?
I know the meaning but I do not know the relation?
I sometimes see a company business card with the style of the minimalist business card not the corporate one?
so please how can I differentiate between each kind concerning business card or logo?
what does abstract, clean, minimalist mean, when it comes to business card or logo?

If you already know the definitions, you can probably guess what they mean in a design context. None of them have any precise definitions in relationship to design; they’re just descriptions based on people’s personal views of what those definitions mean.

I have no idea what an abstract business card might be.
A minimalist card would likely be one devoid of decorative elements and containing little else other than the essential information (then again, most cards fit this description).
What the difference between a minimalist and clean card is, I don’t know. They seems close to the same thing to me.
Modern likely means a sans-serif typeface and a clean, minimal design, which again seems to be much the same thing.
A corporate look would just be one with a more serious and less playful business look. A straight-forward typeface, a clean layout and a modern look would be appropriate for a corporate look.

I’ve italicized all your words to show you how in my way of thinking all these terms overlap and tend to be used as ways to describe the others. English can be very precise and at other times intentionally vague and open to interpretation. When clients use these kinds of terms to describe to me what they’re looking for, I typically follow up with questions and requests for examples so I can be more certain that their definition of clean or corporate or whatever matches up with my own — quite often they do not.


Thanks so much for your reply. really very helpful. I really appreciate

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