Congratulations . .

. . . to the Marketing team that sold this abysmal concept up the chain of command and landed the buy-in of a global megacorporation.

You should be selling blubber to whales.

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I needed to search Google for this one. I’d never heard of it.

Not being a spectator sports fan, I have no idea what the slogan means or who the people are in the commercials. What is “goatness” and why is it debatable?

I assume the target audience (that obviously doesn’t include me) will understand it.

Ha! Too funny.

GOAT has become an annoying acronym for “Greatest Of All Time”. By nature, it seems, whenever the distinction is bestowed upon a person or thing (unofficially, of course), the bestowal sparks spirited debate among those who advocate for the named alleged GOAT, and those would present their own alternative GOAT in response.

The very notion of “Goatness” transcends the annoyance, inducing full-on psychosis.

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That term is like nails on a blackboard to me :frowning:

The first time I ever heard it was regarding Michael Phelps.

Goat this … Goat that…

I thought it just a stupid nickname. Then I saw he being referred to as “The Goat”

What does swimming have to do with Goats? Are goats great swimmers and I just didn’t know?

I finally stumbled upon it over on reddit in the r/whoosh category. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a clue way back then :wink:

When I realized what it actually meant I was even more annoyed by it. There have been a lot of great swimmers before Michael Phelps.

Now they use it to describe almost every athlete out there. :roll_eyes:

OK, that makes sense now. I don’t think I’d ever heard the term before, and I likely dismissed it as unintelligible if I did. I suppose the people in the videos are arguably goats of some sort.

I’ve never understood the appeal of spectator sports, team sports, and sports celebrities. I can understand what’s enjoyable about individual sports since I engage in them myself. But watching other people play seems just about as entertaining as watching grass grow.

Professional basketball is especially dull for me to watch. Unusually tall millionaires run back and forth while taking turns tossing a ball through a hoop. Every few seconds, the game is stopped for some player to stand there and try to throw the ball into the hoop.

And then there’s the crowd. Loud people doing loud things while getting emotionally agitated — even though who wins or loses has no impact on their lives. And what really baffles me is why people pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to watch it.

I’m not knocking anyone who likes this stuff. I just don’t get it myself.

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I’m not a very good sports watcher either.
I watch 3 things:

The Summer Olympics
The Winter Olympics
The Super Bowl

Other than that I was a faithful fan of Nascar … many moons ago now :wink: I haven’t watched it in almost 20 years.

I never missed a race during the 80’s and 90’s. It was exciting and you never knew what was going to happen or what rivalry would start.
Then the guys who were the reason I watched all started to retire or worse … die. Then a bunch of cocky new kids came in. It was hard for me to find much to like about them. The whole industry began to regulate and sanitize the sport to death. The continual tinkering with the rules and the changing of how the points are earned to become champion just got to be too much. It was no longer about the racing and the cobbling of cars to keep them going and of course, the personalities. It was just about the money.

The first time I fell asleep during a race I felt odd … like how could I do that?? Then it kept happening. Obviously it was no longer something I was enjoying and had become an instant sedative LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise I’ve never been a sports fan.

I could care less about football, baseball, hockey, tennis and I loathe basketball.

I always thought I was the odd duck because of it.

We had a GOAT in Tom Brady. That’s where I first heard the term. Love him or hate him, he is probably the greatest football quarterback of all time. And should have stayed retired…

I love football (soccer).

I wouldn’t pay thousands to stand in line or attend a game.

I’ve seen Ronaldo and Messi play. Such a joy.

You can appreciate excellence in anything. If you enjoy it and it brings emotional joy and tears then what’s the harm.

It’s about supporting, being part of an effort.

I like Rafa Nadal… Don’t know why, his style of play and his personality suits. My nephew loves Djockovic, so it sparks a rivalry and a get together for but tournaments.

It baffles me why people go to museums. Why people go to the cinema rather than the theatre. Why people go to concerts or buy music.

Horses for courses I guess.

Yes, different strokes, for different folks.

My workplace “rewarded me” with two free supposedly great tickets to an NBA semifinals game a few years ago, and I took a date (before Mrs. B came along). Somewhere around the end of the first quarter, I asked her what she thought. She said she was bored. I agreed, so we left to do something else. I’d probably go to a European professional soccer game, though — at least once to experience it.

However, I remember vividly every museum I’ve ever been to. I love going to museums and find them fascinating. I have no idea why one bores me and the other doesn’t when others, like yourself, find the opposite to be true.

I prefer theatre over cinema though.

The pictures hanging up in my house are blocks of color. Squares, circles etc. Often get commented on that they are nothing.

Yet in there house there’s a picture of a duck wearing a hat .