Consultung about ploted stickers on glass door

I’m going to produce this kind of sticker with logo and text, with sandblasting sticker on the background.
i did lot of them before, but this time i’m going to use shiny gold sticker.

Do you think it would be better to make offset black sticker behind the gold sticker to give it a shadow, making it more clear and stand out? here is a comparison:
(other ideas will be welcomed ofcourse)
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I would only do that if your installer is really good and the logo is large enough that all those itty bitty black slivers can be handled. Shouldn’t be an issue, but can be. Or accept the fact that from the other side of the door, the logo may be black, where a black underlayer is applied, and the gold applied over it rather than as cut slivers of black.

Is this an interior door? As in, inside an office building. A lot of those polyester metallics, especially the chromes, aren’t rated for more than 6months to a year in an outdoor application, and can be difficult to remove after that time is up.They do make longer term metallics, you just have to know to look for them and they can be pricier.

Are you suggest that the sticker will be less shiny after couple of months?
it’s an indoor door, so no direct sun on it.

It’ll be fine indoors. Doesn’t go on wet though. Just sayin.

Outdoors, it will crack and flake off if it is the non-exterior use stuff. The metallized polyester delaminates from the adhesive. And sometimes the adhesive bakes on, which makes it really not fun to remove. But there are exterior grade products out there. Car wrap material for instance or one of of the few extended life products.

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