I have 2 books in perfect condition written and illustrated by famous graphic artist Chip Kidd

Tell me the funniest design mistake you ever made and I’ll enter you into a drawing to win one of these books. Send pics too if you want! This isn’t a scam I promise! I’m just trying to clear out stuff in my house that I no longer need and I appreciate all of the help my fellow designers ever gave me so I want to pay it forward. Good luck!

Design mistakes? Yeah. Funny ones? I’m drawing a blank on that.

Design mistakes cost money.
Not a whole lot funny about that.
As a printer, I see a lot of design mistakes that would be funny, if they weren’t so sad.

Would you be interested in one or both of the books? I would like them to go to a good home and you have helped me out in the past. If not, no problems. Hope my post didn’t offend you. I have made quite a few mistakes that I can’t help but laugh at.


Hope I didn’t offend you. I have made many mistakes that I couldn’t help but laugh at. If you would be interested in one or the other of the books, please let me know. I would like them to go to a good home and to someone who has helped me in the past.


No, of course not. :grinning:

I was just thinking to myself that despite having made plenty of mistakes, I can’t remember of any being especially funny. I’ve seen others make embarrassingly funny mistakes, but my mistakes seem to be decidedly unfunny (at least to me) since they typically have dollars costs and disappointed clients associated with them.

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We just watched a Ted Talk from Chip Kidd in one of my classes. He’s definitely an eccentric guy!

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The funniest mistake I’ve ever seen was very early, at an internship while still in school, where a designer (not me) designed a tri-fold mailer incorrectly. Didn’t follow postal specs. Mailed it all out, about 5000 pieces. Three days later, they all got delivered back to the design firm. The return address invaded the machine reading area, and being on top, got read first.
Now, granted, this was before you could download templates from the nearest online source. There were no online sources. There was no online at all except for email. You were supposed to know that information or go ask the post office.

What a mess, huh? You never said if you want the books or not? Doesn’t seem to be much interest in them. They’re not going for much on Ebay either. HAHA.
I’ll tell you about a mistake the senior designer made once. He had a huge ego (yup) and was designing a wedding invitation for some pretty important clients. He was showing me a particular font and had the invitation on the screen and inserted my name where the bride’s name was to be. Well, he “forgot” to remove my name and it went to print. I had to laugh and to this day I still have that invitation and I smile to myself every time I come across it.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m careful about accumulating physical books. I love books, but I have thousands of them spanning multiple bookcases. They just seem to build up, and I find it impossible to force myself to throw them away. About ten years ago, I decided the only viable solution for me was to limit any further acquisition of printed books to those I really wanted to be with me for the rest of my life.

Chip Kidd has designed, what, hundreds (maybe thousands) of book covers. I probably have books whose covers I’m unaware of even being his. Would I like to have some that are written, designed and illustrated by him? Yeah, of course, but in the end, they’d be relegated to a book shelf to join my several thousand other books that I haven’t cracked open years. Someday, when I retire, I might actually find the time to reread some of these old friends. :wink:

Same here. I have boxes filled with books and I have to go through them and decide which ones I want to keep forever. Hope you find someone who will adore them!