Cool graphic

So I came across this swirl graphic which I think is very cool! I was trying to find any kind of illustrator tutorials online that show how to do something like this. But no luck :frowning:

Then I was wondering if the person that created the swirl may have done it in a 3D program like Cinema 4D.

Has anyone ever tried to create something like this before and can they shed some light or send me a link to how I can try creating these same cool type of swirls?



I’d say it’s pretty likely. Making the underlying structure and adding all the highlights/shadows that make it look 3D are possible in a 2D environment, but these days, doing it that way would be sort of like using your smartphone only for voice calls.

LOL I like your comparison with the the phone!! Yeah I figured that it was built in a 3D program and then the highlights were added in Illustrator.

I was hoping to find some sort of tutorial online as there is everything online but nada, zip, zilch!

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