Cool logo design animations



In today’s world, logos are typically seen as much online as they are in the real world. There’s no reason not to do these kinds of interesting and memorable things with logos and visual branding when the opportunities arise.

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I’d love to have one of those on my stationery.

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As in non-stationary stationery? :wink:


Yeah, a flip book.

You know, I can never tell apart those thingies that hang from the roof of a cave and those that protrude from the floor either.

Stalactites hang tight from the ceiling.

I remember a teacher saying this on a school geography trip when I was a kid and, for some reason, it stuck with me. There was s second part about, you might trip over a stalagmite in the dark, or something, but I don’t remember that part exactly. I think, my lazy, belligerent 14-year-old brain (that really didn’t want to be in a damp cave in Wales), decided that if I remember one, I’ll know the other.

Stalactites have to hang on “tight” to the ceiling or they might fall off. And be careful about stalagmites – you “might” trip over one on the floor.


Where were you guys when I was at school? Oh, right, you weren’t born then.

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I’m betting quite a few of us pre-date you by a bit. :wink:

One of those logos irks me (the ampersand.)
The animation shows the tail as separate from the diagonal.
Their underart doesn’t show that. And I bet the file doesn’t either (if it is separate in the logo file, shame shame shame.)

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Hmm, makes me want to have a go at some animation :thinking:

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