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Hello! Am new here and new in graphic…
I have goon through many post here and almost all are about PS…but am only used to Corel draw…pls when can we start talking about it I really want to learn more about Corel draw.

Corel draw isn’t as popular as it used to be.
It’s more common in the signshop industry and even then often as a startup printer/plotter/software package.
Some folks on here have used it, so if you have questions, ask away.

One big problem with Corel’s products is that they’ve always made Windows-only software. This makes them an odd fit in a profession that has historically been dominated by Macintoshes.

Adobe’s software has always been cross-platform, which makes the whole Windows/Macintosh problem irrelevant by enabling designers to work on whichever platform they choose and to facilitate moving files back and forth between coworkers, vendors and clients with few major issues.

I think this problem has largely been responsible for CorelDRAW never having really caught on and remaining a niche product in certain corners of the industry. It’s really too bad because I’d really like to see some competition with Adobe, but for whatever reason, Corel has never been up to it.

Having always been a Macintosh user, I’ve had almost no experience with CorelDRAW.

There have been mac versions of CorelDraw, but due to the lack of succes it was stopped. I don’t know exactly which version it was but I think version 5 or 6. Not X5 or X6…

Come to think of it, I did own a Macintosh copy of Corel Painter way back when the packaging was an actual paint can. Maybe instead of never having made Mac products, it’s more accurate to say they’ve always relegated their Macintosh software to secondary status. To a Mac user, this is about the same thing as not having bothering with it at all.

If Corel had made a concerted effort from the beginning to engage Macintosh users, I think they could have given both Adobe and Macromedia a run for their money. It’s as though they never seriously tried, though.

The funny thing is though, if you buy an entry level plotter or printer plotter, Corel often comes bundled with the machine. They have seminars at sign shows on how to get the most out of your Corel.

It always seemed weird to me for someone to consider opening a sign shop with a peripheral piece of software when clients are going to be providing files in mostly Adobewares that don’t often translate well. I suppose for in-house design maybe?

But Corel is also non-subscription and I think the suite is only something like $500. Two big plus marks in my book.

I was using CorelDraw in 1993 before I was using Adobe Illustrator. The good thing about CorelDraw is that it had more features and came with a lot of fonts pre packaged. One feature CorelDraw had back then was a conical gradient feature. Adobe Illustrator only took 2 more decades to get it.

The bad things were the lack of cross platform compatibility (B mentioned) and the lack of compatibility with PostScript which is what most printers use. But now there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t use CorelDraw if you are already comfortable with it.

One time I had a job where I use CorelDraw as a go-between AutoCad and Adobe Illustrator. CorelDraw did a better job exporting for AutoCad

I used to use Corel Draw back when I worked at a copy shop. Haven’t used it in a while though. What are your questions specifically?

Damn. I could’ve posted almost exactly the same account of my experience with CorelDRAW! It was the app I used to learn vector work. Full migration to Illustrator only happened (slowly) after I switched from Quark to InDesign for page layout. For quite some time after, even, I still used DRAW for some things, but I think version 10 might have been the last one I used with any regularity. I have a vague memory of dabbling with a trial of one of the X-versions several years later, but I do mean vague.

Unfortunately a surprisingly large number of clients we have use Corel draw and my boss uses it. He’s reasonably proficient at it. Any times he has to use AI, he’s constantly asking me how to do things.

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