CorelDraw now available for Mac OS

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 Graphic design software For Mac:

  • Design for print or web with a comprehensive toolkit
  • Create signage, logos vehicle wraps, textiles, illustrations, and more
  • Edit photos, manage fonts, and lay out multi-page designs
  • Learn quickly in a user-friendly, Mac-centric design environment
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Too little, WAY too late…

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Yeah, like going on 30 years too late.

I see it’s available as an outright purchase instead of a subscription, so maybe they see an opportunity in this to attack Adobe’s hated subscription model weak spot. I might just download a trial copy and see how it goes. Knowing Corel’s history, though, my expectations are low on this whole thing.

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Yep. I’m already familiar with CorelDraw enough to revisit it myself. Anything beats renting software.


Be well aware of what you “buy.”
I haven’t looked into it, but check the update release schedule against the purchase cost. If, like the Adobe model, new updates are just pushed to subscribers but purchasers have to purchase them, that might affect your bottom line. Or not, depending on how often you upgrade.

It only ticks me off because at some point I’ll potentially have to integrate it.

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I started out learning on corel (it was all I could afford), so it has a special place in my heart and I hope they do well. additionally competition can only help designers because at the moment adobe has an outright command on the market and they abuse it (The subscriptions are frankly bullshit).

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Better late than never. The more competition, the better.

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