Corian® Design and McKinney Unveil New Moodboard Maker

"McKinney client Corian® Design continues to inspire designers and their clients to “Make Your SpaceTM.” And the next step in that journey is the Corian® Moodboard Maker. Created by McKinney, the Corian Moodboard Maker provides design inspiration and a better, more sophisticated way to work, play, and bring ideas to life.

Taking what was once an exercise in assembling images clipped from magazines, fabric swatches, drawings, Polaroids and even elements like peacock feathers and matchbooks, the new Moodboard Maker web app pulls designers and homeowners into the future, letting them create reference collections quickly and easily for every room in a home or spaces outside — anywhere inspiration strikes, really."

First pick your Corian Pattern, then continue.

Not that I mind. We have certified Corian installers on staff. You’d be amazed at the purposes you can put that stuff to that doesn’t involve a kitchen countertop.
Hint: It’s laser and CNC engravable…

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