Correct Direction oText On A Path In Illustrator

Hi All, I am using Illustrator 2022. I have a path and placed text on it and that side is fine (left side). When I copied and reflected that path horizontally I am having an issue to have the text flowing in the right direction). I have showed the screen shot of how the text on bo the left side look and how the right side looks (right side text going in wrong direction). I also show a screenshot of how the text should flow. This has been driving me crazy. I had imported the path from an older version of Illustrator (cannot remember which Illustrator) but I also tweaked the path a bit to give it the right angle. I just don’t know why copying a path and changing the direction of the path is making so difficult to get the type facing in the right direction. I have been google for a while and not getting an answer. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 4.41.58 PM

While this doesn’t directly answer the question, you can “fix it” by drawing the angled path again. Duplicating the path and flipping it and then adding text on the path.

Oh, and I’d probably go into the type on a path options and set them both to align to the center of the path to make them look consistent on both sides.

Hi CraigB, that is what I tried at the top but when I flipped it the text is going in the direction of how it was flipped. When I start typing the cursor for typing is at the bottom of the path and no way to bring it up to the top and change the direction of the text to look like the image at the bottom that I showed.

I will go into the type on a path options to align them to the center. Thanks.

What I am saying is, draw the line on the left first. Do not apply any type on that new path. Duplicate the path and flip it. Then apply type on a path to each path and the text will behave correctly.

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