Could I get as many constructive criticism?

Hi All,

I am still developing my own website, I am not a professional designer graphic but I want to understand the craft and use this tool to my ventures either brick-and-mortar or online, the latter attracts me more.

I am more focused on understanding the concepts of content creation, info-product to promote affiliate marketing links within an informative website that soft sells entrepreneurship ideas…

I need some tips on how I can build more authority to the website with the help of graphic design and user-friendly functions eg subscriptions and pop ups.

The webpage is Vinpiks Business Ideas , I am using a very basic website builder version from my host One com (not good for mobile navigation) only to sketch the concept and, the basic structure of the page. However, I need your opinion of whta is missing and what’s best? One com premium version is a wreck, not worth taken, so any suggestion of a website builder for non-professionals is very welcome.

Thank you all,