Craig Ward vs Joseph Muller-Brockmann?

I have a project where I have to create a booklet that highlights the similarities and differences in the work of Craig Ward and Joseph Muller-Brockmann (through design, not in a paper). Although, I am confident I can figure out how to showcase their differences, I’m not sure where to start with their similarities. Anyone familiar with these two designers that could help point out some similarities in their work or process that I can come up with a concept on?

To get the ball rolling; both of them are strong on typographic solutions.

Now go and dig a bit deeper. You have the internet in front of you. Read, research and read some more. Once you develop and understanding and appreciation for their work, then the similarities and differences will make themselves apparent. My guess is that is probably the point of the project – for you to develop a sense of critical thinking and to visually communicate your findings.

Have fun. It would be interesting to see what you come up with. Quite a nice brief to work with.

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Thanks, yes this is for a typography class and I’m trying to analyze their way of dealing with typography. I always just have a difficult time starting off. You are right though, it’s an interesting assignment!

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