Create a layout for illustrations

I have the assignment to paginate three vector illustrations I’ve done before.
This illustrations are for kids and they’re 20x20cm.
We haven’t done pagination before and I have no idea at all since I didn’t study this at the high school. I’ve found layout for books or magazine but nothing for illustrations.
I can paginate them in the same page or in three different pages but all has to be well balanced following the pagination rules. I have also to put my name/surname/name of university…
where can I start? Where can I find the rules for this kind of layout?

Can you post the exact instructions you were given, word for word?
I’m not aware of any “Rules of Pagination” out there… At least not ones imposed by the project design or the print vendor doing the output.

… let alone a “pagination of three”.

I’ve always used the term “pagination” in association with laying out a multi-page document for printing. If you have a 16 page file, I’m talking about moving page 16 to the left of page 1, moving page 15 to the right of page 2, etc. In the digital age, it’s not something I think about too much as the printer does this. All that said, the assignment to paginate three vector illustrations doesn’t make a lot of sense. At least, not to me.

Perhaps its a language barrier. Are you asking about creating a triptych?

I’d argue that a triptych is more than just one illustration split into 3 panel.s It can be, but I’d argue that the top illustration from the first link that shows the Francis Bacon example is more what I would expect to see in a triptych. I think the second Behance example works somewhat as well because it is one cohesive piece, but each panel works independently as well.

This also has some decent examples, especially the New York City example.

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Yeah, same here. At a newspaper, pagination refers to assembling all the stories, cutlines, photos, headlines, jumps, etc., into the various pages.

Ms25, I have no idea of what you’re referring to with “rules of pagination.” If you’re just trying to make a nice composition, without a better understanding of the context, what other elements there might be on the page(s) and what the illustrations themselves look like, there’s really no good answer to your question other than, “it depends.”

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I’m glad I wasn’t the only one befuddled by @ms25’s request. Can you please clarify what you mean?

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