Create Exercise Silhouetts - what software to use?

Hello everyone,

I need your help. Do you recommend any software to create exercise silhouettes and/or line drawings? I would need to create workouts with and without equipment. I’m not a professional graphic designer but I’m a quick learner and I do have some skill with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Ive been recommended to use Poser Pro but wanted to get more opinions and suggestions. I have to create a lot of exercises as well. Thanks!

For the faceless silhouettes you describe, Poser would surely be overkill, and a fairly steep learning curve you don’t need in-project. If you have Illustrator CC, read up on Puppet Warp. Starting with basic profile and frontal views of your figure, you’ll be able to use Puppet Warp to position limbs realistically by pinning at the joints.

Thanks Ill take a look at that.

Well, that’s pretty cool. Never heard of that one. Thanks for sharing.

It is one of the cooler features in the CC generation. I wish I had more use for it.

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