Creating a Digital Brochure in InDesgin

I am going to a do a digital brochure for someone. I was given the wording as a Word document and it has 10,2166 characters (not a lot) and will only have 6 images (not very large) . I have not done a brochure that is digital only. Is there a recommendation for ideal dimensions? Should I just make it letter size? Thanks.

I’m sorry, but technically, you’re misusing the word “digital” here. That said, it’s likely understood that you mean the content will be deployed as a file to be read and decoded by electronic computing devices for the purpose of rendering to on-screen display. There are various formats which facilitate that deployment model, including PDF, EPUB, HTML, etc. Each has advantages/disadvantages with respect to the many available device platforms. To arrive at an effective setup, one of those more specific formats, and ideally, a typical end-viewer profile, must be targeted.

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There is no official size for these kinds of things. It all depends on the end requirements of how it will be distributed, what’s its purpose is, who will receive it and what they will do with it. For example, if you anticipate people printing it out on their desktop printers, it probably ought to be a size that facilitates that. If it’s going to be emailed around, you need to keep the byte size small enough to do that. If it’s likely to be viewed by people on their smart phones, you’ve got an entirely different problem.

Digital is different from print since the mediums and distribution channels are entirely different. Each has its advantage, disadvantages and constraints that must be considered. You need to take everything into consideration, then size and design your brochure to accommodate those things.

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