Creating a Fade effect?

Im trying to create the same design on the bottom of the boat. Im having trouble creating the “Fade” of the white streak and blue border around the gold color shape. Ive designed the vector shapes in Illustrator.

Just gonna mention here that if that lower piece of vinyl is at all interacting with the water, it’s gonna peel off.
Especially if you start with a point at the forward end.

Are you sure the original image was created in Illustrator? A lot of these things are created in Photoshop at about 100-150ppi full size, then brought into Illustrator for the cut path.

Photoshop would be as easy as creating a white sickle-like shape and then “feather edges” or adding a layer mask and doing the feathering yourself for a bit more control.

Although, I want to say AI has a gradient feather tool now also? But I have a feeling it may difficult to control the feathering to your liking. Most likely the tip of the shape will be over feathered/faded compared to its larger mid-section.

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