Creating a niche portfolio

Outside of my current graphic design role for a leading tech firm, I really enjoy architecture in both design and photography. I’m creating an article blind portfolio but don’t want to show my past or current work. Ideally I’d like to show of some of my more creativity be designs based around architecture.

When/if I come to looking for any new roles in the future it would be working with an architect or magazine publication. Is this a good idea? Some of my work will be based around conceptual work, and some with just pure imaginative work which I created some personal projects for.

Has anyone created a niche graphic design website before?

It sounds like you’re asking about creating a portfolio for architectural work?

If so, you might ask some architects…?

I sort of think we all do that to some extent with websites and portfolios. We create the portfolios best suited to getting the jobs we want, and we leave out those things that don’t fit.

Sorry I should have been clearer, I’m not an architect or even studying as one. It’s just an interest. Outside of work my designs focus around branding, web design and illustration based on architecture.

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