Creating ADA signs quickly & efficiently?

The company I work for offers ADA signs as one of their design services to clients. We started with relatively small jobs but as of recent have been trying to take on larger jobs (ie. places that need hundreds/thousands of signs created). Like the rest of our projects, we’ve been creating the signs in Flexi Design 19 (which has a built-in braille system among other useful features for creating signage) but it’s just not cutting it because it takes a week to create just 700 signs let alone 4,000…

The design team here feels there has to be a more efficient program/system out there for creating ADA signs faster because we think of hospitals, skyscrapers, stadiums, etc., and find it hard to believe that a room of designers all working in Flexi Design 19 created that amount of signs…

I understand it’s a long shot but I figured I’d take a shot in the dark on here to see if anyone knew of a program/system for quickly & efficiently creating ADA signs? We also know it’s possible that companies have an effective system for creating ADA signs but aren’t going to just share it with competitors for obvious reasons.

Hmmm I’ve got a friend in the hospital signage industry, let me ask and see what they use (: stay tuned!

Soooo bad news, they do everything manually and have a separate drive with all the braille phrases pre-loaded that they just drop in ): Sorry I wish I could help!

A quick Google search turned up the following. Reading through it, it seems there is no especially efficient way to add braille to a sign — just some ways being better than others for the job(s) at hand.

We’ve been looking into these
We’re still too much on the small end of the business to get the ROI outta something like this though.
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