Creating graphics for non-existant websites?

Hello designers -
I currently have 2 separate clients that are asking me to design things (one being print marketing materials, the other being images for the website), while simultaneously having different designers create websites for them.
Is this normal? I feel that in order to have continuity in their branding, shouldn’t there be a style guide established or at least communication between the designers or … something?

Would like to hear thoughts on this, and how one might handle this sort of situation. Thanks!

Charge them for the designs and give them what they are paying for.

I agree, there should be some sort of brand guide. You are right to question it. The problem Is that, often developers pitch themselves as web design specialists and somehow actual design falls by the wayside, which is why there are so many hing-functioning, ugly, ineffective sites out there. This may, or may not be the case here, but it is a common scenario, which is why clients got to web designers for one thing and actual designers for the rest.

I have had this happen a few times. The way I play it is go back to the client and say what you’ve said here. Explain to them that for your work to be as effective as it can, it needs to be consistent with their existing brand. Ask if they have any sort of manual (hint; they won’t) or alternatively ask for a contact at their web designers so you can collaborate.

You will learn pretty quickly whether their site is designed and developed or just ‘designed’ by developers. On a few occasions, once I have built a relationship with a client, if their site is developed and not designed, I have had a conversation with them and ended up working with their developers to make the site communicate effectively, not just function well

It’s all about trusted relationships with clients. Talk to them about your misgivings. At very least it will help build trust and they will know that you know what you are talking about, rather than just giving them what they want and invoicing taking the money. After all, how often have we all had clients come to us asking for one thing and after discussing it with them, you find what they want and what they need are two different things.

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