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I am a print designer and was asked by a client to create an HTML file of a flyer that I’d created in InDesign for online/email marketing. I discovered that InDesign’s export function to HTML doesn’t retain the original page layout. I searched online and found a service (In5) that will create HTML from InDesign while retaining the page layout. The only problem with the demo version I downloaded is that it has a “demo” watermark all across the page so I can’t send it to the client. However, I cannot justify signing up for In5’s service for this one project because it is costly and they charge per year (not month-to-month).

Would anyone have any other suggestions regarding how to export to HTML from InDesign while retaining the original page layout? Not sure if there is a script or if I should recreate the file in a different program that is more HTML-friendly in regards to exporting the page.

I don’t know of a script, but I haven’t looked. I’d say your best bet is to hire the work out. I can just about guarantee that you can get someone on that would do this at a reasonable rate.

In the absence of a very unusual and compelling reason to do so, I’d argue with the client over this one.

Website pages need to reflow and readjust themselves to the limitations of different browsers and browser window sizes. What your client is naively asking for is the equivalent of someone wanting his radio show put on television without any changes. Print is an entirely different medium from the web.

If your client wants an exact replica of a print flyer on his or her website, a PDF is the best bet.

Your best option is In5 by Ajar.

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