Creating on-brand data visualisation efficiently

Hi folks, my first post here so go easy please :smiley:

I’m an in-house designer of 25 years experience and I’ve done a LOT of charts, graphs and infographics through the years with Illustrator. I’ve recently started using Canva’s tools to create charts and graphs, and they’re cool to a point, if a bit limited. Do you know of any other online solutions that would enable me to quickly and efficiently create data visualisation solutions which I can collaborate on with my research team colleagues? I’d also need to ensure our organisation’s brand was able to be applied across all the outputs, plus be able to import data from excel / csv files.

Any thoughts / pointers greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading this :smiley:

Have you tried Tableau?

It’s more of a data visualization and analysis tool than a graphic design tool, but it can produce some nice-looking charts and graphs from complex data sets.

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Hey! Thanks so much for replying. V much appreciated. Haven’t used Tableau before but I’ll go check it out.