Creating Page Numbers in InDesign?

When I create page numbers on my Master Page by Type > Insert Special Character > Current Page Number, instead of creating “A” and “B” it only creates “A,” which is numbering the SPREAD and not the PAGES. I know this has to be an easy fix…

Should be “1” and “2”

Set up your spread as separate (facing) pages, then it will work.

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When you say spread, is it one InDesign page? Or is it two pages side by side?

Basically, you need two (or more) pages side by side, like so:

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 9.39.06 AM

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InDesign has no way of knowing you’re setting 2 pages on one page. It can only “see” that one page.

To get what you want, you’d have to set up your spreads (facing pages) like this:

That way, Master A is a left-right spread.


They don’t teach that at school?

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Completely correct - you should have your page size at the trim size, the actual size you want them.

Providing pages done as spreads to a printer is a nightmare for them and probably won’t touch them.

All your pages when made in a PDF for printing should be a single page in the correct running order, page 1, 2, 3 until end - set up as facing pages (as per @HotButton).

For printing the pages need to be in a multiple of 4 - so your doc should be 4, 8,12, 16, 20, 24 pages etc.

If you need further help, you know where we are :slight_smile:

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Quite honestly, no, they don’t teach this in school. I think it’s very rare to even delve too deeply into multipage layout, judging from the stuff we see in the crit pit here. And who knows if the teacher is grading on file set-up instead of just on the pretty picture. File prep should be an integral part of the grade for any project. But alas… never happen.

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I tend to agree, I’m 25 years in this industry, and I’d say I come across something like this sent for production at least once a month.

There’s a lot about printing not taught in schools. An awful lot. This is just one of them.

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