Creating Seamless Hardcover Book texture for box

Hi gang!

I’m a bit slow and clunky with these little nifty tricks to get everything seamless across a box, but I’m creating a product where the box is supposed to look like a Hard Cover book with the spine, creases and pages texture on top and sides.

I’m struggling on where and how to tackle this. I’ve searched for textures of hard cover books but they are all wonky in shape, bad photos, super dooper aged and worn, or only have one photo of the top or front (instead of all around the book).

Is there a place I can purchase or get this kinda texture? Cheers!!!

What is a hardcover book texture, and how does it relate to a box? A physical box or an image of a box? I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding what you’re asking.

Hey Just-B,

Sorry if I’m not explaining to clearly. I’m creating a Board Game. They want the box to look like a HardCover book. This includes the Spine, the pages, texture etc. Obviously I’m not making a Book but I want the box to look exactly like a book.

I cannot, for the life of me, find a place to get a texture that encompasses the top, sides, front and back of a hard cover book.

Did you check the various stock image sites? For example,

I cannot recommend this software any higher.

You can even do one online

Here’s an example from their site

You can create any size - any thickness - any shadow - any reflection - any angle.

How’s the resolution on that mockup software.
Sounds like this OP is making an actual printed box.

Ah sorry, I misread this thread, I thought it was for a 3d rendering.

The resolution is whatever you want it to be. You can even setup an export based on it rotating to different angles automatically. So say front, side and back exported at the same time

You can get a 3d pdf where you can rotate it but only works in acrobat.

If it’s for an actual box… That is supposed to look like a cover of a box… Right

Typically I’d work directly with the manufacturers of the box.

In my experience, they’ve done this before and can supply templates or samples.

It’s hard to know without seeing it.

But surely the company producing them would have the pages on the side as a graphic?

That crease in the cover might also be part of the production of the box anyway… Maybe not on the back.

There’s some good research and tips already for this

I’d start by contacting the manufacturers/printer’s to see what they have in terms of a working template.

Or sample files.

If you can’t find the texture’s you need via stock (and going by Just-B’s links, that shouldn’t be a problem), you could create the textures yourself or spend some time at a used book store, buy a few books that have the look you’re going for, and have them photographed.