Creation of "panorama" like image

Easy? Perhaps. A basic task with a twist.

-I’m looking to create a single top down map-like image, using images captured on my phone of a network of stone paths… so not a panorama.

-Resolution is not an issue being that ultimately I will vectorize the stone path, but first I need the source image to trace.

I’m capable of this on a rudimental level, using photoshop-illustrator, but am looking for ideas to simplify my undertaking.

What I’ve tried so far…

…capturing a series of panoramic images using my phone to later stitch. The problem is that the panoramic function does not know what to do with the scanning of a surface versus the swiping of a vista.

…creating a top down video, importing every 10th frame or so into photoshop, and stitching them there. This technically works but consumes more time than I care to feed it.

I assume the solution lies in an iphone app or a photoshop function I’m yet to be aware of or an add-on…?

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

  • Sam, the GDF newebee

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